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Mulholland Drive is such a wild experience its extremely hard most of the time to figure out what the plot is even about but if you are able to vibe with the experience it’s also very beautiful and it’s the kind of story that we need to interpret for ourselves what it means. To me this film was an eerie experience like watching a horror film, not only was the score haunting immersing the feeling of dread that these characters were facing in a city build on sin but the story represented to me life after death, a group of people stuck in purgatory in an endless cycle of facing their sins, being punished forever and what better place to set hell then Hollywood the sin capital of the world, each character facing the 7 deadly sins of their past.

Diana’s alter ego Betty represents the perfect woman, talented actress living a glamorous life with her true love Rita the life Diana wanted but never achieved but you can only hide for so long till your demons catch up to you.

Betty/Diana and Camilla both LUST for each other in a forbidden affair but Diana is betrayed by Camilla/Rita’s GLUTTONY Camilla wanted it all fame, fortune and love and she didn’t care who she hurt to satisfy this need for luxury and attention. She had multiple lovers who she betrayed and broke hearts, she would stand on anyone to get the lead role and the pleasures she desired, her hunger to take and never give destroyed people. Betty/Diana became ENVIOUS of Camilla’s fame that she failed to achieve a constant reminder of her broken dreams and jealous of the lovers in Camilla’s life that stole her heart away and left Diane alone and miserable, festering into a pain of WRATHthat becomes such a burden that the only way to relive herself of this suffering was to be rid of Camilla out of her life through death.

Adam was a GREEDY man as most people become corrupted by Hollywood his artistic PRIDE to make the film his way or no way forced him into a life of neglecting the people who cared for him, hurting people in his life and living a careless life of SLOTH

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