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Wes Craven Ranked

Stu – “Ouch! You hit with the phone…dick.”

Stu- “did you really call the police.”
Sydney-“you bet your ass I did”
Stu- “My mum’s going to be so mad”

This film is Wes Craven's best of his career let be honest, this was exactly what we need to save the slasher genre after all the crappy 80's films even Freddy and Jason and Michael couldn't salvage it anymore in the 90's with stinkers like Freddy's dead, Jason goes to hell and The Curse of Michael Meyers.
This was the perfect meta film that not only is a commentary on the slasher formula but a generally terrifying murder mystery with lots of fun gory death scenes. The characters are fantastic representations of stereotyped teens, the opening scene with drew Barrymore set a great chilling atmosphere to represent the brutal nature of the story. Stu and Billy are probably the best villains in this franchise Matthew Lillard was perfect as Stu and nice to see a villain bring some comedic relief to the story and I can defiantly relate to randy being a horror nerd spending a lot of time in video stores and gale weather is my favorite character in a horror movie she’s a cold bitch but with such a quirky sassy personality. Every scene in this movie was fun, tense gory and scary.

This is a film every horror fan needs to see at least once in their life.

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