Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★½

This movie started out solid the characters were intriguing with great dialogue and there was some fun action sequences that set up an intense mood and got me invested in the story. I thought I was going to enjoy this wild ride but after the second act kicks in things started to go downhill for me as the narrative and characters begin to become more bizarre. Although the characters were interesting and unique to follow in the story the plot of the film itself just goes in all kinds of strange directions. Some funny moments are enjoyable but for the most part the film becomes confusing and bland and loses my interest. Some of the characters I felt got built up and then written off in an unsatisfying way. Some characters where there just to make the plot seem out there and chaotic but I felt it had no relevance to the main story and was a waste of time.
They try to create this very dramatic ending by making him abandon Lola and their child cause he thought he would be a bad influence in their life which made no sense cause they had only been reunited for a short time and he had not even had a chance to know if he would be a good father or not. Then it turned into one of the most ridiculous scene of random craziness I’ve ever seen and just made this film seem stupid and anticlimactic. All of the wizard of oz reference where hilarious and fun but I just couldn’t wrap my head around this story.

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