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This review may contain spoilers.

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Fans coming to see a group of teens getting hunted by a group cannibal inbred hillbillies are going to be disappointed as this film takes a completely new and unique take on the franchise. I suspect that this may have been an original concept that they tweaked a few changes to make it fit into the wrong turn franchise and try to profit off it better. It never feels like a wrong turn movie it completely goes for something fresh and different with the basics of wrong turn in the background and I think I would have enjoyed it more if they had of just made it its own film, not to say I didn’t enjoy it surprisingly enough it was a decent little splatter horror film with some interesting ideas and takes it to a much more bold and daring place story wise.

The latest trend in horror seems to be having a more woke group of friends we get the mixed racial couple, the gay couple and the woke hipsters in the background of a racist town and a lot of times horror films have really screwed this concept up but this film makes good use of this subject and helps to give some decent character building and later ties into the villains plot. It provides some decent gory deaths and traps for blood thirsty horror fans after a slow build up of tension but then the story completely goes in a shocking direction then you’d expect instead of mutant hillbillies feeding of victims we get a tribe of hunters just trying to survive away from a corrupt America with some strange brutal ideas on how to deal with trespassers. I can imagine a lot of fans being disappointed by this but honestly I welcomed this fresh unique concept. The story dragged a bit then it needed to but to see the group face the brutal punishments of this tribe and try to escape them was an interesting and tense ride and just that kept me intrigued to see where this was going and how they would escape mixed with many American political themes.

I think this could be the best example of how to reboot a horror franchise that appeals to today’s audience without going overboard with woke concepts and a fun experience of gore for horror fans.

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