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  • The Dog of Flanders

    The Dog of Flanders


    when i was younger i spent entire weeks sad over this movie idc if it's a cheap tearjerking melodrama the kid n the dog deserved better🗣️

  • #Alive



    korean i am a hero spin-off

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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    this is the place beyond the pines meets zodiac 2007 meets there will be blood meets the tree of life with natural born killers sprinkled as a subplot somewhere down the road. so yeah, it is white. god is this movie white. the fact ppl are praising the cast just cause of the big names in it when it's so fucking white is why i got trust issues. i already know christianity is evil why r u telling me this.…

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    as a black person, i should know very well the consequences of colonization. i dont need to be told by a white woman how bleak and merciless the world is! i dont! it's not just about "history", as it implies something that has been left behind in the past, forgotten. it's not. racism still seeps into modern societal structure.

    this film has so many unnecessary, on-screen rape scenes. sexual assault here is constantly used as a plot device meant to…