Upgrade ★★★★½

maybe i should get doxxed for liking this more than it prolly deserves? the premise is as cliche misogynist as it gets w the standard manpain story fridging women so the guy (always her significant other) can get revenge n a character arc off of her death, without even delving into how much of this movie lives n breathes ableism towards its quadriplegic character , but unfortunately i choose my faves with my ***** not my brain. idk how underrated this truly is but the action FUCKS it's so fuckin funny it's a perfect balance of whoop ass festival nd humor nd taking advantage of special effects to rly send home the fact this poor mf has been possessed by the spirit of the world's most gaslight gatekeep microchip. i absolutely love the gore the tragic ending nd the twists. the appeal of having the setting b "20 mins into the future" by blending recent day modernity w advanced high technology super appeals to me too. the foreshadowing is subtle yet not, u always get the feeling smth more sinister is going on nd that this isnt a simple revenge story . or at least it worked well enough to make me feel sry for the non-tom hardy, the fact his first instinct was to fasten his wife seat belt instead of worrying abt himself kinda endeared me to him i thought it was a nice neat detail;; but still in the end hes literally a LOSER all that hard work for nothing. plus i was cheering for stem the entire time too good for him. normally u wouldnt expect smth like this to even have a decent fighting choreography worth ur time but the first fight alone lives in my mind rent free, i wish more of these movies had more of that energy, that badassery. i feel bad for the guy nd the glasgow grin he got but that one shot (that one) is terrifying lmao. he rly had a premium subscription to "only hands" , may he rest in many many pieces.

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