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This review may contain spoilers.

The will to take risks, those risks that could break your vision of the beauty within humanity, that humanity that you watch evolve, that evolution of not just the people but the way of life, that life that you’ve been aloud or thought were aloud to be apart of. That not only describes the Eternals, but does nothing but compile the most beautiful of symbolic scenery and the gracefulness of Chloé Zhao’s mindset, to really strike you with how humane and real these people are. 

Was never a fan of Nomadland, never will be, but Chloé Zhao was able to make me trust her as a director with it. But when she signed on to this I told myself “this will be her chance to gain my trust in her as a storyteller,” and she sure as hell did. Each ability of emotion that this film was able to take, Zhao took it and combined that with her inclusive and diverse ensemble that supplied a brilliant and powerful round table of performances. And each length it stretches to resulted in elegance. Each patch of dialogue keeps up with the amount of information thrown at us for the very first time with each Eternal being introduced and their backstories. Their lives put forward in the most societal way that blended with each effort at comedic relief when this film dramatizes this family that struggles with what’s right. The heartbreaking events that these characters have to live with, not being able to interfere. Druig says it himself, I could stop it all in a second, but he can’t and that overbearing him was what fueled him to leave. What fueled him to disobey makes me wonder why he wasn’t punished for what he pulled in Tenochtitlan. But everything that made this film what it was is beautiful. The technicals mix beauty with fine detailing with costume choices, the ruggedly comic book accurate design in the production, but Chloé Zhao’s determination in taking your breath away with the shot of a camera is phenomenal. Her choosing of cinematographers is one of her strong suites, because Ben Davis’s skill to capture color and landscapes blew me away. To capture not just settings but the tones of characters with what their feeling, and capture them with a single shot. And the bouncing back and forth between back flashes and confrontations with Arishem were great equalizers too break away but still keep you with the story and reveal every detail possible. “The Eternals will return…” and I can’t wait for it. You want a real story from Chloé Zhao, watch this piece of cinema and be grateful you live in a time with these films. 

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