Manchester by the Sea ★★★½

I feel like i have the choice, and obligation to tell you this, but I’m not trying to get self pity from it. 

Life is to Short to waste it, as a person who hasn’t learned that, I take inspiration from the people who have. My Aunt was one of those people. After a 6 week battle with Covid-19, my Aunt pasted away today, in the Hospital bed, by herself, cause no one could be in the room with her. 

She was a sweet, and inspiring lady that I wish everyone in the world could’ve met, she was that kind of person who... lit up the room when she walked in, that person you could go to for advice, and gave us me amazing laughs. 

It always hurts to loose someone who was close to you, and it hurts more during these times when you loose them to Covid. It’s hard to look at the # of deaths to this Virus, and knowing that one of those people is someone you loved. 

Please do this, take the time out of whatever your doing, and just praise the Lord for the time he’s given you on this Earth so far, he’s truly an amazing person.

I’m sorry to throw this on you guys, I just thought if I did this I’d feel a little better just getting it all out. 

I love you Auntie N, thank you for the memories

-Thank You-

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