Nomadland ★★

Nomadland is boring. While appealing to the eye this film directed by Chloé Zhao is really nothing new, or special. It’s look overall is a pleasing site to see thanks to Joshua James Richards settle yet stunning imagery, and the few scenes with musical compositions were nice wake up calls for when the film stood really still and sleepy. Chloé Zhao though, truly does a nice job at directing it, she has the flare of a great director, I personally didn’t see what was special about what she did but what she was able to do was really nice. But this film is definitely an example of a film made to win awards. Like the Direction is winning the Oscar, there’s no question about it, and the “technicals” of the film are getting nominations like the Cinematography. It’ll get screenplay even though it has little to no dialogue, and when there is dialogue it’s way to stressed. And the one sided, plain performances, especially from Frances McDormand. The attention she’s getting from essentially pooping on the side of the road is completely stupid. She was not able to pull this role off and did not achieve the skill level to even make me care for the character. In fact the entire cast wasn’t able to grasp that concept and the emotion was simply boring and unnoticable. And yeah all the supporting roles were not good either. I just did not care for them at all. And I’m sorry to all the people who like this film, I really am but this was not a groundbreaking film in the slightest. It was boring, uneventful, tiresome, and another case of Oscar eye candy. 

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