I just want to say before I start my review that this is my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. And just because their opinion may not coincide with yours doesn’t mean that it’s not right. I think that when we have a strong opinion on one topic as soon as we see something that looks the tiniest bit different we snap, and that’s where it hurts other people. And we all as community members need to further learn how to respect one another. And while most to all of you will disagree with what I have to say about the following film I hope you enjoy my review nonetheless:

-2021 Best Picture Nominees Rewatch-

Directed by (the beautiful) Chloé Zhao 

Nomadland is still boring. Nomadland is still slow. Nomadland is still nothing special. The only thoughts that go through my head while watching this film is what’s the purpose. In film we take a break from the struggles of life and aspire to be transported into stories we’ve never thought of, and to me when a film doesn’t achieve that it saddens me. Nomadland to me is so interesting because it’s so slow cause finding the purpose is like a needle in a 10 football field long hay stack, you’ll never find it. But what I feel Chloé Zhao failed to grasp was how to make me care for this story, and the people surrounding it. While Zhao does do a “good job” displaying the film at hand, I don’t like how she misplaced everything else.

I find this film really messy. I find it absolutely nothing special, there’s just no uniqueness to any of it that makes it stand out. Ok maybe the Cinematography of it makes it look good, but it doesn’t cover up any of its flaws. There’s little to no dialogue to help you comprehend what’s going on, the pacing is way to inconsistent, and the performances are one sided, and immoral. I don’t feel any sort of pain for these characters, I don’t like how Frances McDormand just stood there most the time and said nothing. She doesn’t make me care about Fern, she doesn’t make me feel any emotion, and doesn’t make me want to continue with the story.

The film to me is just a big snooze fest. It’s a dull film, with dull performances, and a dull story. I don’t see it’s spark at all, or how people find it bold or ambitious. This is one mans opinion against an entire army of opposite opinions, I always find myself the odd one out in these sort of predicaments, but it’s just my normal at this point in my Letterboxd “career” if you’ll even call it that.

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