The Shape of Water ★★★★½


Just a great film, with some truly stunning performances, Sound design, production deign, costume Design, Visual design, the CINEMATOGRAPHY gosh what a treat that is to see. 

Just everything is great, the direction from Del Toro is some of the best of the decade, and the writing of this film is so beautiful, and written with such beauty, and distinct detail, you can just tell it, got carried perfectly from the pages, on to the screen. 

NOW! This was not my first choice for the win of Best picture, don’t get me wrong I actually lost my shit when it won cause I thought they were gonna give it to the crap called Three Billboards, so I was genuinely happy, and thrilled that it beat it. But, If you know me, like a lot of y’all do, you’ll know that I thought the Literal perfection that is Lady Bird should’ve won hands down, but if there was any other film I would’ve been happy that it lost to, it would be this, or Call Me By Your Name, GOSH! Can you actually imagine if Call Me By Your Name really won Best Picture. 2 Gay centered films winning Pic in a row, that would’ve been so GOOD. So ya my opinion is that Lady Bird Should’ve Won.

And I have to say that Honest Trailers got the Real title of this movie DOWN... “The Fish Banging Movie”. GOSH! I will never forget seeing this in the theater, and watching the Fish Banging scene, I was Totally Scared for life, but at the same time it was...(can't believe I’m saying this, BUT) Beautiful?!

Just a great film really. 

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