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This review may contain spoilers.

To put into perspective how much I love the second half of this movie, I'll put it like this:

I find the first half of this to be... fine? It's pretty weak in a lot of areas; while the teen-flick side of it remains fun, the rest is rather average - from writing to direction. The bus scene is legitimate really bad, too!

Then Mysterio reveals his master plan and it almost feels like the film did, too. Suddenly, there's real dramatic weights. The performances skyrocket, the direction becomes frenetic (if not still a tad lacking in personality, but Watts is clearly more confident here), and it really dials into core ideas of belief and trust - both interpersonal and global, how we view those we idolize, how we give them more than we should. A bit ironic coming from a star-studded blockbuster, but what can you do?

The balance of Peter continuing to grow into the Spider-Man we all know is fascinating and truly heartwrenching, and its all the more so with Beck's betrayal. Since Civil War, Peter has done what every kid does: Look for someone to tell him what to do. Where to go, and he finds that in Tony fucking Stark. Then he messes up and has to pull himself back up. Then he loses Tony.

He's not ready to be alone, even if he's capable. His sixth sense has even dulled, him desperate for someone to fill that void. He finds it in Mysterio, who is everything he's looking for. Until he isn't and Spider-Man finally has to believe in himself.

I believe, I believe, I believe.

Anyways, I fucking love Spider-Man and I love this version, and Raimi's version, and Webb's version and I cannot wait to see universes collide come Thursday!

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