A Ghost Story

sure whatever i am all for the proliferation of the "theatrical experience" but oh fucko if that experience could perhaps NOT include FOUR groups of increasingy disruptive late walk ins perhaps! sure PLEASE shine your phone all around the theatre AS IT BEGINS!! PLEASE sit DIREcTLY onto a BUNCH of wine glasses DURING EXPOSITION??? the projector?? yes PLEASE walk right in front of it!!! can i PERHAPS get some manners in this here movie theatre! at least on my tiny measly unworthy little home screen and streaming platforms (glaring eyeroll directed at the Certain Bunch Of Pretentious Critic Dudebro Warriors Whom Must Maintain The Sanctity Of Cinema) i dont have to deal w nonsense!! is ur little "theatrical experience" preserved if i cant hear a damn thing!!! also sure crinkle everything u own during this tiny quiet quiet little moovie film!!

in other news life is futile and im a shaken little sheet ghost whomst loves vegan pie and the roonster who eats it!

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