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This review may contain spoilers.

Another movie i got around to seeing that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while and just like Don’t Breathe I think it could’ve been better (this was better than Don’t Breathe though). This concept is actually great! Blue Beetle / Venom but in a Black Mirror episode. I liked the idea a lot because normally anyone would think “sweet, I’ve got powers now! This is great!” And boom lost consciousness to da machine. STEM was very entertaining (do wish he stayed as the generic asset to the hero but this was still good), the violence is also great and fascinating to watch when it includes the sci-fi stuff (this lowkey feels like Robocop meets The Crow if I had to compare by movies. What I don’t like is that the acting feels pretty bad most of the time, the main character is alright at the beginning when he’s an anti machine boomer but I feel like that trope gets less intense so he doesn’t contrast/clash with STEM entertainingly enough. Also the CEO is some weird attempt at being socially awkward or maybe even “autistic” I don’t know it’s really cringe and feels almost mocking. I hate the Fisk dude, first of all the actor he’s got a problem with a consistent accent, he sounds british / southern at the same time it’s pretty wack. Also he’s a funny lookin guy, I really can’t find him intimidating, BUT what they could’ve done with him and the rest of this movie is have a unique and loud aesthetic; the movie is begging for one. I could imagine some sort of vibrant Tim Burton or Guillermo Del Toro styled designs for the cast including the Fisk goon, to make everyone stand out and add to their character (despite his cool cybernetics). This is most apparent in the hacker scene, their hideout looks like there was no effort put into it other than blue lights and faceless kids playing VR?? It was so dumb, they could’ve made the place feel more live but also underground if they wanted to, just look at Mr. Robot. Also the hacker that helps Grey actually had a cool look (despite pointless muted tones) and funny banter which is more of what should’ve been in this movie (you can still have the hard hitting message, doesn’t need to be edgy). I think this would’ve been better as a limited series / comic. Anyways I’m rating it hard because of the potential it missed out on, I did enjoy it though!

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