Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

Just catching the girlfriend up before tomorrow ;)

After spending sometime with Raimi's spider-verse, I can safely say this is the inferior incarnation of not only the character but the world. Not to say it's bad, but it's no longer my preference. First off, these movies infamously lose rewatchability, even the best ones (this being one of the best.) Second, there is little directorial style, certainly less than Raimi's Spider-Man, Snyder's Superman, or Singer's X-Men. However, I respond well to these movies. Why is that?

Yes, they are theme parks, but I love theme parks. And like it or not, the MCU is the closest thing we have to a cultural artifact that everyone can enjoy and delve into three or four times a year. Star Wars no longer holds that title. Warner Bros screwed Snyder, but even without them, Snyder is too polarizing to be all-appealinh. The MCU doesn't require full participation to enjoy, but it certainly rewards it. They are formulaic, but you can't deny they've mastered the art of excitement. They are bland, but they don't piss people off. All the films have the fresh paint of progressivism but haven't shed their base coat of classical liberalism (and, dare I say, conservatism) that is built into every hero's journey. They are inoffensive to the apolitical masses, slightly pandering to the progressive movement, and secretly enjoyable to conservatives who understand that almost every MCU villain is either a communist, environmentalist, or nihilist. Like it or not, that's basically the pulse of the American political theory right now: liberal anti-left.

Also, throwing all the money in the world at the screen with a little bit of talent and care doesn't hurt when creating great special effects. And Gyllenhaal's nihilist Beck is a great villain.

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