Nope ★★★★

definitely his most ambiguous film to date, and is further proof that jordan peele has for sure solidified himself as a filmmaker that is always able to deliver a film with a special and irreplicable atmosphere. he's also created his own 'genre' so well that in near to every scene i found myself looking for clues or hidden meanings, which made it impossible to lose focus. the visuals were beautiful and the storytelling was expertly done, and when it ends you have a lot of questions, but they're all questions that you either desperately want the answers to or, after some thinking, you realise you've been presented with hints towards those answers from the very first scene to the very last scene. the rewatchability is very strong, and i know after each rewatch i'll understand it more so therefore my rating will go up, but i can safely say that this is for sure the blockbuster of the summer, and you won't witness a cinema experience like this this year.

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