tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★

i really wasn't expecting to like this at all. the first 20 or so minutes made me almost turn it off, because the first 2 musical numbers were the type of musical numbers that weren't my kind of thing, like words that could've been spoken instead of sung and just seemed kinda pointless to the story but, as the film went on, it turned into something really great. i became heavily invested into what happened to the main character and his friends, and the numbers from there on felt original but also familiar which was a nice mix, and it's led by an insanely good performance by andrew garfield, who definitely deserves recognition because it didn't feel like he was acting, but that he was genuinely feeling those emotions. and wow that mf can sing. i wasn't aware of the story of jonathan larson or of the musical, so i can't say whether this was a great adaptation or a great depiction of him, but i really enjoyed it and definitely think it's worth watching

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