Parasite ★★★★★

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I know I'm late to the Parasite hype train, but holy crap this movie is a MASTAPIECE!

I was pretty confident I was going to love this movie given the unprecedented hype around the film and with Bong Joon Ho as director. I hadn't seen much of Bong Joon Ho's films previously but the ones I had seen (Okja and Mother) were both really great (Mother especially).

I don't really have much to add to the praise it has already received, the performances are all top notch, I love the cinematography, and the script is masterful. I went in almost completely blind and was so glad I did because the twists and turns the plot takes are amazing.

I know it probably won't win best picture because foreign films never win best picture, but if this movie doesn't at least get nominated for best picture (not just best foreign language) I'm going to be upset; because nothing that replaces it will likely come close.

I love Parasite, everybody loves Parasite, go see Parasite. Movie of the year? Absolutely. Movie of the decade? It's in the conversation.

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