The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

A Year In the Life Challenge: 1/22

Yes, the hype is justified.

This and Parasite are the movies I've been the most excited to see this year. Both films have been getting universal praise and I knew that I had to see both of these films ASAP. I am fortunate to have a small indie theater in my town that screens movies that often get limited releases. I'm still definitely processing everyone I just witnessed.

There is no movie I've seen that seems remotely similar to my experience with The Lighthouse. The shot composition, the unconventional narrative, and just the general insanity of the entire film. Nothing could have prepared me for how this experience. It's like trying to explain color to someone who's been blind their whole life. Even if I spoiled what happens in the movie (which I won't), you still wouldn't be able to grasp the actual experience of watching The Lighthouse. When a movie accomplishes something like that, you know it's something special.

Both actors are at the top of their game in this film, each giving career defining performances. Although Willem Dafoe was fantastic as usual, the stand out in this movie is for sure Robert Pattinson. His character goes through such a difficult and fascinating arc and his progression is shown perfectly by the range of his performance. If he doesn't get an Oscar nomination I will be very disappointed because he more than deserves it.

This film also leaves itself up to interpretation in a way where I feel most people viewing the film can come up with a completely different interpretation of how the sum of the parts are meant to be perceived.

I was originally going to give this movie a 4.5 rating because I'm always hesitant to give a 5 star rating after a first watch, but I can't think of a single flaw with the film, and the movie just keeps getting better in my head. Without question my favorite film of the year so far and I'm excited to watch it again at some point.

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