Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★★½

The Boyz are back!

This was made purely as a vehicle to drop the new Lonely Island album in the form of a movie soundtrack. This isn't an actual fact, but I stand by this as I desperately want to listen to the whole soundtrack now AND they didn't drop an album last year like they planned to.
I did good on not being to spoiled, as I only listened to three songs they put up on YouTube. One wasn't in the movie, and the other two were audio only.

But yeah, soundtrack now please?

Anyway, this was a near perfect outing from one of my favorite music groups of all time.

As a preface: Music-wise, while I enjoyed their last album, I felt it wasn't quite as good as their past two, which are classics in my opinion. So essentially, this was the big comeback I was waiting for from The Lonely Island Boyz.
And boy did they do it!

While I technically liked Hot Rod more cause it was funnier all around, Popstar excels in everything else, and still succeeds in plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Also, the actors, and more importantly, the cameos, were on FIRE! Everyone did great, and all the cameos fit perfectly into the plot.
My only real complaint in that department, and the whole movie, was that I was expecting more Bill Hader.

To be fair, Bill Hader did have a good scene, and almost as a compromise, we got more Justin Timberlake instead. So yeah, cool beans.

I wish there were more Style Boyz, they should release some music videos from the soundtrack soon. It would be good closure.

I thought the script was incredibly on point. It was like South Park, This is Spinal Tap, and Never Say Never had a baby in the 2010s! The Boyz already confirmed that they would continue making movies, (thank God), so this isn't the last we'll see of them.

I was wondering why everyone kept praising Brandon Trost...I stopped wondering after like 5 minutes into the movie. Great cinematography in comedies is because of this guy. Mad props man.

There was only one incredibly cringe-worthy scene in a car. It was just...why was it even in the..was it really necessa...Yep...


Overall, The Lonely Island are 2/2 for me, and while I eagerly wait for their new project, I'm going to enjoy their new album, I mean, movie soundtrack.

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