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  • Aliens



    Impeccably directed and extremely well acted, Aliens is the rare sequel that takes everything that works about its groundbreaking original and ups the stakes in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or ridiculous. The characters feel real and have amazing chemistry but its James Cameron’s directing that turns what could have been a by the numbers slasher into one of the greatest action films ever made

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    Smartly written and impeccably directed, The Big Short manages to make the Global Financial Crisis easily digestible and entertaining at the same time. McKay shows just his temperament and restraint, with the style never overtaking the drama and horror at the heart of the film. This is an incredibly well made and extremely entertaining ride with never a dull moment

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    I’m finding Get Out to be a very difficult film to review. Not because my feelings are controsversial, quite the opposite. This is a very smart, well directed, well acted and well written thriller that will leave audiences uncomfortable but I can’t seem to articulate the reasons why. It’s themes aren’t hidden and the message is blantent and apparent, something that I would normally detest however here it works perfectly. Get out just seems to be a film that in…

  • Coco



    Coco is yet another shining example of why Pixar still deserves the reputation it was afforded in mid 2000s. A flawlessly told story with breathtaking visual design and capitative soundtrack suck you into the world as Miguel goes on his adventure. It truly is Pixar's best since Toy Story 3