Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★½

recommended by moviesfan123:

Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon is, in simple words, a timeless classic. It's hard to talk about this film, really, without including everything about it and it makes it more hard to talk about. But I can try and talk about what I liked about it.

To me, Dog Day Afternoon is very well-structured. Everything about it is grounded in some form of realism somehow and it shows through multiple factors, but the biggest one is through Al Pacino's performance, who plays a surprisingly human character and it delivers such an entertaining role, getting to see his interactions, his personality, dialogue, etc.

Speaking of this film's grounded reality, the realism is so strong in this film that it's worth talking about a lot. It genuinely feels like you are in the heated bank and it was magnificently staged due to Lumet's smart vision. The robbery itself is very well paced, with the accompanying dialogue just makes me enjoy the film a lot more. It's very entertaining until around the ending, which was quite sad. Really makes you think and feel.

I liked this film a lot, basically. I don't know, I think I'm just tired and this film is just really hard to process for the most part.

Log 78, Film 51.

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