The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

Well finally I've seen The Green Knight and it lives up to the hype. My family have always been fond of Arthurian mythology to the point where my first name was almost Merlin (it still ended up as my middle name) and still to me this is probably the best piece of media of any kind based on those stories. Many see the quest of a knight or wannabe knight in this case as a journey of tough physicalities, fights and a large emphasis on slaying something. The Green Knight keeps those constructs intact but instead of being a lazy action film it focuses on the psychological growth and test of will more so than stereotypical might. The concept of honour in medieval times was very different to its meaning now and rather than making things modern a lot of the character development comes from a place of trying to live up to those age old standards of honour which makes for a film that feels timeless and in keeping with folklore. The Green Knight has such a great atmosphere that it's best seen in a cinema and is worth going out of your way to see in one even if you can stream it. The production design is exquisite and the direction is inspired, it's a true quest film just not in the way you might expect. I could say a lot more about The Green Knight but I'll save more thoughts for another viewing/review it's not a film that I can see being a mainstream hit but one that many of us on this site will adore.

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