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  • Ms .45
  • The Legend of Billie Jean
  • The Astrologer
  • Prince of Darkness

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  • Bottoms


  • This Is the End


  • The Equalizer 2


  • Dream Lover


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  • Bottoms



    "Shut up nerd, I fucked your mom!" (Forever and ever, amen.)

    NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE, made by and for perverts.

  • This Is the End

    This Is the End


    The line "I don't wanna die at James Franco's house" has aged really weird over the last ten years, but is still funny, like the rest of this movie, which you probably couldn't get made today. A perfect snapshot of what comedy was like in movies at a specific moment in time. Now, they're all either too famous, moved on to other stuff, or cancelled.

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  • Prey



    Cleans the franchise up after the over busy clunkiness of Shane Black’s entry by reducing the logline (and, in turn, the iconic alien beast) to its pro wrestler essence. “Predator vs. Commando” transformed into “Predator vs. Lethal Weapon” before “Predator Battle Royale”. Now, it’s “Predator vs. Native Warrior”, stripping all pretension away and barely leaving room for anything beyond one properly choreographed and thrillingly gnarly set piece after another, arrows and tomahawks flying and drawing green blood as the ultimate…

  • Babylon



    “…you will dine with angels and ghosts.”

    (At the risk of revealing and reveling in my screener privilege too much to make a point, I’ve watched this five times already, and have turned on the first 30 minutes probably ten times because it’s the most dynamic, “look ma, no hands!” filmmaking of 2022. My personal theory is that the experience of LA LA LAND losing Best Picture in such spectacular fashion and then FIRST MAN tanking made Damien Chazelle so…