Tough and Deadly ★★★★

Somehow even more jam packed with explosive incident (not to mention just plan explosions) than previous Shapiro-Glickenhaus Piper/Blanks fight song BACK IN ACTION. Owns way more of a Shane Black knock-off vibe, as Rowdy's disheveled bounty hunter takes Billy's amnesiac CIA assassin under his wing, only to be pursued by a legion of stunt men dressed in grey suits looking to get tossed through every window or piece of furniture in the vicinity. Call it "The Long Fist Bump Goodnight"; a total dude fest for dudes just looking to be dudes, eating ice cream in the middle of a run through the park, before another fight you're destined to decisively win breaks out. How these haven't been rescued from VHS purgatory remains a complete mystery, unless it's the Uni/MCA co-distribution holding them hostage in some anonymous content library somewhere.