Us ★★★★½

Hands Across America.

Jordan Peele's C.H.U.D. Not nearly as obvious with its social commentary as GET OUT was, US still packages a rather choking dose of America-skewering subtext within a New French Extremity aping home invasion picture that isn't afraid to become as violent as it is funny (the central family unit being possibly the most relatable since POLTERGEIST). This time, Peele is taking aim at the distractions that keep us from helping each other, not to mention the "forgotten" peoples who inhabit his country.

In a way, US also feels like its slightly thumbing its nose at everyone who thought GET OUT winning Oscars and dominating at the box office was some sort measurable moment of collective enlightenment, when really it was just a bunch of people feeling good about themselves for sitting in a dark room, watching an extended, racially charged TWILIGHT ZONE Episode while real problems still continued to rage on unchecked outside the auditorium's doors. Same as it was in Regan's America, when a bunch of rich folks thought writing a song and joining hands in a glorified stunt might aid in feeding the nation's transients (when really, it just led to a bunch of celebrity in-fighting and bailouts from corporate sponsors). One day, we're all gonna be taken to task for turning a blind eye to those who also need a home of their own aboveground.

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