Skyfall ★★★★


Skyfall is probably my new favorite James Bond movie. It’s not much of a sample size (the first three ones starring Craig), but it’s on the top of my list at the moment. It narrowly edges out Casino Royale for that top spot because of the freshness that Sam Mendes brings to the franchise. His direction here is excellent and he is extremely versatile. I’ve only seen two of his films and to have done 1917 and two Bond movies really says how good he is. Daniel Craig continues to one up himself with each performance as this was his best yet. Judi Dench was excellent and I quite liked the storyline surrounding Silva and her. Speaking of Silva, Javier Bardem is always great and it’s no different here. The script is much improved from Quantum of Solace and I quite liked Adele’s Bond song. Overall, Skyfall rejuvenated this franchise by recruiting an excellent direction for the task.

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