Nope ★★★★

“that was great, that was a lot”

i wished, dreamt even crafted in my mind after to love this, another peele soon to be classic crafted ever so vividly with interesting screenplay… however i can’t lie i was wrong :( . 

Though Keke, and the other actors did amazing jobs from the comedic value side the characters all lacked an arc, unlike the rest of peeles work. He had a lot of opportunities to make this work but maybe for this one he is falling onto his fans rather than film value. It wasn’t bad at all just comparing it to his past films it was the most watered down. we get a poorly crafted film about something unexpected from the monkey (which why tf was that in the film just shock value?!) to the “ship” with bad writing that makes absolutely no sense.

furthermore to not spoil much when we find out that the “ufo” is blah blah blah it lacks this uniqueness this new take on the other worldly things peele could’ve made up the most insane crap and i would’ve fell for it but he chose a simple path… And again with the monkey massacre IT ADDED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the character died years before and the guy who died on the fair place wasn’t even spoken about ever again and didn’t even need to exist just again for more shock value. 

overall i can’t lie i liked this film there’s not doubt in that! however it didn’t enthral me it instead lacked something, was it the plot? maybe the narrative? or the monkey that scared me half to death but why was it there!! it just didn’t fully work for me… ON the contrary visually the direction was phenomenal from the cascading “ship” to the vast landscape, and the tone was set beautifully. Especially Keke palmers character comedy takes we’re great if not incredible.

i’m happy about the vape though but she didn’t even say the flavour :(

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