Lady Bird ★★★½

As someone who digs hard on coming-of-age films, there's plenty to like in LADY BIRD—performances, writing, evocation of a time, a place, and a specific milieu—but the film also has a layer of quirk that didn't appeal to me, so I was in and out in terms of engagement while watching.

I generally love Saoirse Ronan as an actress but for my money the film's acting MVP's are Lucas Hedges as boy/theatre-friend Danny, Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts as Lady Bird's parents.

Gerwig does a nice job of exploring some of the little=BIG issues facing high schoolers (negotiating first relationships, burgeoning sexuality, everyday family dysfunction) and there is plenty for different people to relate to. A more experienced viewer (my wife) tells me that the mother-daughter dynamic where love is shrouded in a hypercritical veil rings true, where I related to the aspect of a poorer family swimming in a social sea of relative wealth. I wasn't surprised to learn that there is some solid autobiographical basis to the narrative (Gerwig grew up in Sacramento and went to a Catholic high school etc.) but I struggled to connect with Lady Bird's self-absorption, and her consequent shitty behaviour to all and sundry. Not to say that she is painted as a bad character, only, this is the kind self-indulgent assholeness I really didn't dig at that age from some of my peers.

So yeah, this was good, but not quite on my wavelength.