American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★½

American Psycho is so much fun and Christian Bale’s performance is perfection and this is one of those movies where a voice-over works. Rewatching this in the cinema was definitely an experience. It is extremely immersive, it is hilarious and it feels incredibly relevant. I hate using that word, but that introduction of Patrick Bateman doing his morning routine; you can’t unsee how that is what beauty influencers do today. Also some #metoo moments and some completely empty conversations about changing the world are just simply way too applicable at the situation now in my opinion. I love how this not only ridicules all the arrogant people working at Wall Street, but also how it plays with movie genres like the slasher. Oh and let’s not forget how great Patrick Bateman’s monologues about music are, they are pure gold. Last but not least I think I need to get myself a business card to boast about.

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