“there was the cinematography” - carmela soprano

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  • Broadcast News
  • The Philadelphia Story
  • Opening Night
  • GoodFellas

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  • The Black Phone

  • Blow Out


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  • When Harry Met Sally...


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  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone

    The way the cops very earnestly contracted out all investigative work on a serial child murder case to a 9 year old girl w weird dreams. Believe women!!!!

  • Blow Out

    Blow Out

    First metrograph movie! The Liberty day fireworks celebration is MY fourth of July. but also why do men (or at least like, 15 loud Lower Manhattan weirdos in my screening) find the final sequence so damn funny when it is… not? The whole thing is a scream, but it’s not a gas. It’s a murder, not a blow out!

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    she SAID if you try to have a staring contest with me you will lose

  • Titane



    she’s perfect she’s vicious she’s viscous she’s tender she’s motherhood as monstrous and mechanical she’s fatherhood as blind belief she’s a serial killer she’s into the autoerotic emphasis on the auto she’s the daughter no one would want and the son everyone should have most importantly she’s not there!!!!!!!!!