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  • The Batman
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Spencer
  • After Yang

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  • The Great Gatsby


  • The Raid


  • Uncharted


  • Avatar: The Way of Water

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  • The Raid

    The Raid


    One of the greatest action movies ever made. The fight choreography is masterful and amazing. One of the best I've ever seen if not the best. Bummer they only have the English dub instead of the original audio on HBO Max but I was still amazed on what I just watched. Non stop action throughout, just amazing.

  • Uncharted



    Entertaining but mid.

Popular reviews

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Bruh, did they really have to do this...

  • Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzz



    What an AMAZING film by Edgar Wright! Probably the best that I've seen out of his filmography! Everything was extremely entertaining! The action is incredibly dumb and exciting, and I absolutely loved it! I love the movie references in this! Simon Pegg and Nick Frost characters are probably one of the best duos I have ever seen put to screen, if not the best I've seen! Their character development and chemistry is literally flawless! Everybody in here is AMAZING…