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  • Engine Trouble

    Engine Trouble


    This film earns a star for beating Open Water to the punch on this kind of horror / thriller by like a year or two and making it a slasher (?) but it is marred by some of the most boring tendencies of those genre pieces and also featured too many scenes of a character sitting in a car while it got shook around a bunch.

    How do you even get stuck in a seatbelt like that.

    DNF. Had more fun watching the weird DVD trailers on the VHS tape than the actual movie.

  • Star Time

    Star Time


    Cannot believe this movie is such a weird forgotten piece; could just as easily have been a piecemeal slasher but it’s just... stylized, experimental, fragmented and hallucinatory at times. Channel flipping psychic damage— they used to call it “the boob tube” because they thought it rotted your brain. Videodrome of sitcoms and game shows and schlocky TV movies.

    Biggest complaint is it ends up hinging too much on the kind of obvious twist these films have— it was so much…

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  • The Comedy

    The Comedy


    This film has only gotten more relevant as time has gone on. Did you know this was released literally one year before Sam Hyde & the Million Dollar Extreme guys became active.

    Obviously about Gen-Xers but has come to be infinitely more applicable to millennials, raised on a diet of Gen-X snark and sarcasm. Can't wait to see what happens to the zoomers.

    An exhausting, awful, unwatchable film because its so unflinching in making you sit with your own worst jerk-off…

  • Midsommar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Still rules, noticed more little details on a rewatch (the body language & Pele watching Dani's reaction at the cliffside ritual, for example), fully committed to the idea that the Directors Cut is the perfect version to watch. Such a fucking finely crafted film.

    Still BAFFLED by the way it became solely discussed and centered around the break-up core narrative & "cut that toxic man out of your life!" while ignoring the Nazi cult's consistent use of trauma-bonding as a way to…