The Witch

The Witch ★★★★½

Let me sit back, have a cup of tea and really force myself to relax after watching this one. 

The Witch or VVitch depending on who you talk to is terrifically terrifying. I just want A24 to produce all horror movies from now on if that’s all well and good with everyone. 

The atmosphere is divine. Eggers knows how to pull you into and develop a world of its own and I was completely wrapped into the cinematography, grey scale and everything visually which was stunning. 

The movie also knows when to show you something and when not to. This technique works perfectly for horror movies where suspense is ramped up with long takes and score (which is fucking amazing honestly) and the horrifying thing is just.... there, no ting, no jumpy noise just.... on screen. 

The period detailing is also mighty impressive which can also extend to the amazing acting especially the accent work with Anya Taylor Joy, an American, replicating a near incoherent style of speech just perfectly. 

The film shines in its amazing 2nd and 3rd with some unfortunate dead air between the 1st and transition to 2nd but please just open your mind to slow burning terror and keep your eye’s out for Black Phillip. The goat is needy. 


Funnily enough I’m partway through writing a novel and I’m not sure where to upload it or give it to when I’m done so.... yay.

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