Moonlight ★★★★★

I watched this over the last couple days in my sociology class. That’s actually why I watched it in the first place. We were supposed to watch it in school, but my school district decided to shut down for a week (we had a concerning amount of COVID cases). My teacher gave us this to watch over the “break” but ended up just having us watch it in class.

Now I hate watching movies in the classroom. Sometimes they’re fine and work about as well as they would otherwise. But most of the time, nobody is taking it seriously and I can’t watch in peace. People laugh when they shouldn’t be laughing and the side conversations never end.

This time, however, the whole class was dead silent (except for that one scene that has to do with a chair; if you’ve seen the film, you know what I mean)

And yeah, I loved Moonlight on first watch and this second time just solidified it as a new favorite. It quickly made its way into a top 30 and might even move up to the top 20. Inside a classroom isn’t exactly ideal for watching films, but this thing still looked absolutely gorgeous. It’s frickin art. And the whole thing makes for one of the most uniquely transporting and upmost engaging movies to ever exist. It’s told with so much care, tenderness, and vulnerability. So genuine. So beautiful. So, so powerful.

“Hell, sh*t make you want to cry, feel so good.”
“You cry?”
“Nah. Makes me want to.”

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