Color Out of Space ★★★½

Personally, I think H.P Lovecraft's stories work better as inspiration rather than direct adaptation. It's hard to capture the old-fashioned, cosmic horror of his writing in a way that translates well to narrative film.

Richard Stanley's adaptation pulls it off about as well as anyone has. The direction is tight and focused, and this is easily the most professional cast to have done a Lovecraftian film in several decades.

The family at the center of this, who wind up traumatized by deeply saturated shades of fuschia from beyond the stars, feels like an actual, plausible family. Nick Cage and Joely Richardson do a great job of grounding all of this, starting as refreshingly normal-seeming parents to 3 kids in a remote farmhouse. The build-up before things get freaky and Nick Cage lets lose with his... inner Nick Cage is well paced.

There's also some wonderful practical effects which any fans of "The Thing" will surely appreciate in all of their body-horror ickiness. And, appropriately for a film based on Lovecraft, the real source of all the trippy, transformational weirdness remains fundamentally oblique, and intentionally non-comprehensible. I think any future adaptations of Lovecraft's work will definitely benefit from building off of what Stanley has created here.