In the Mouth of Madness ★★

Look, I love the Lovecraftian vibe as much as anyone, but this is stinker as far as I'm concerned.

It's got the elements of about 5 different films wrapped into one, and John Carpenter just can't seem to commit to any one of them. There's unspeakable terrors, annoying horror writers, vaguely hinted at small town dynamics, banal commentary on social decay in the 90s, irritating meta dynamics, half-boiled noirish affectations.

Like, just pick a direction and STICK with it for more than say, 5 minutes at a stretch and maybe this would have turned into something interesting. Instead it's a messy grab-bag that veers all over the place in terms of tone and style. John Carpenter and Sam Neil can and have done so much better than this.