It Follows ★★★★½

It Follows damn near gave me a panic attack.

This thing works with so many primal elements at once. Sex, social anxiety, the fear of being followed, of placid, everyday life suddenly turning into a nightmare and then back again.

It just manages to stick its fingers right into the heart of all of those apprehensions. The film creates a placid, gorgeously shot world where dread and doom can suddenly overflow amidst the most casual of middle class moments.

Much like the xenomorph in the Alien franchise, the thing in it follows is unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. It's lack of intelligence, its sheer mechanical relentlessness is unnerving.

Most horror directors don't have the courage to work with elements this simple, and they certainly can't shoot them with the gorgeous, weirdly timeless sensibility that's on display here. I can think of few movies of any genre that do a better job of evoking the inertia of ones late teens and early 20s, of the weird arrested time between being a teen and becoming a full adult.

I loved it.

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