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  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    cinema- to watch something in a darkened room, together but apart from the other patrons

    food- to eat and to nourish and to contemplate, as you sit alone in front of a mirror

    star- to burn brightly and then to fade

    history- to be forgotten but to linger on in the periphery, to cause ache and nostalgia

    light- to shine brightly on empty spaces but not empty faces

    projector- to show possibilities and capture ghosts drifting across the screen

    stranger- to stand in proximity and to almost touch but not quite

    rain- to walk alone as you are lost in your thoughts

    loneliness- to be

  • Sabrina



    okay but audrey hepburn even deigning to look at humphrey bogart and him being like “i am a cold mystery man of business and logic, i can totally play with this woman’s heart and catch no feelings whatsoever”... absolutely, positively unrealistic, i tell you.

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  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man

    i. there are things you cannot know. that is the essential truth of life

    (not will not but can not)

    ii. there is a photograph and there is a shadow and it lurks in the corner of your mind like it's an itch you cannot scratch out and a primal urge that's been here before the dawn of time. you do not know where it came from. you do not know where you are going. it dances on the corner…

  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil



    so have you heard of this revenge thing and that it may in fact be kinda a bad idea sometimes?

    tired. we've been here before. we will be here again. every creator needs to ask themself if the point is in fact a point worth making even if it is the point. endless, draining cruelty and not much else. not smart enough to be about anything, not empathetic enough to make us care, not creative or fun enough to…

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  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    there's a scene towards the end, where peter falk takes gena rowlands hand and puts it under the cold faucet water. it's bleeding and hurt and a little inflamed. he's not particularly gentle with her, ignoring as she winces in pain. he grabs a bandaid and slaps it on. he cannot tell her that he loves her.

    he's not particularly concerned with her feelings or well-being. that she just had a break-down mere moments before. he's hoping that if he…

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    look hopefully by now, y'all know me and know that when i don't enjoy a movie, that doesn't mean that i don't see the merit of it or that i want to attack its fans. art is subjective and art like this has been a staple for as long as it has because it's so open to interpretation.

    okay- so i'm sorry but i thought this was just morally nasty and nihilistic to the point that i couldn't get any…