2046 ★★★★★

for film club secret cinema

after losing someone you love, you try to move on.

and you try.

and you try again.

and you flail around. and you meet other lonely souls. and you try to find solace with those souls and it usually doesn't work out because you're still trying to heal and they're trying to live and it just isn't the right time. and you grieve. and you think you'll never move on. and then, suddenly, eventually you do move on, your heart repaired. not quite as strong or whole as it was before but still beating nevertheless. (and i hope it won't be too personal to say that i've experienced this cycle several times after break-ups, though not nearly to the same extent as mr. chow).

that was... devastating. just absolutely devastating. on some levels, it hit me harder than in the mood for love (which erm... hit me pretty hard).

FUCK, i want to write a detailed review for this so bad and someday i will but i'm just so floored and heartbroken. may be my new favorite wong kar-wai. may be one of my new favorites in general.

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