Harakiri ★★★★★

this is such a depressing movie. there's not one speck of reprieve throughout the whole thing- honor is a sham, everyone you love will die, and in the end, all we have to look forward to in this world is death.

i loved how grey everything was- no black and white morality in this house, ma'am. the house of Ii were cravens and cruel but they weren't technically wrong. Motome did a terribly wrong act for all the right reason's and ultimately paid the price. Hanshiro doesn't get to finish his harakiri because his death and the vengeance he wrought wasn't totally honorable. understandable but not honorable.

and i appreciated the pacing! there's just enough room for everything to breathe and the way that the tension is allowed to ratchet up in the first act... before quietly settling into a rhythm for the second and exploding in the third.

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