Her ★★★★½

chain reaction challenge- #47

are we human because we love or do we love because we are human?

(does it hurt so much because we are human too?)

i once knew a boy and the story ends there.

i like how all the relationships in this are fragile and precious and real. (all relationships are real if you feel they are real after all). i like how we see the infinities of human connection. boyfriends and girlfriends are great but there's also your colleague at work, the stranger on the street, your best friend. amy adams is important to joaquin phoenix, even if it never went anywhere past college.

we’re all lurching to reach out to other people. in some ways, friendships are every bit as exhilarating and painful and fulfilling as romances. samantha says it's a good thing he has friends. she'll never have friends in the same way.

i once knew a girl and we are still great friends.

i was asked once why i spend so much time on my phone. (once? try a hundred times but we’re not talking about my parents).

personally, i don’t think this film is either pro or anti-technology. i think it recognizes that there are limitations just as much as there are benefits from having a computer at your finger-tips. it’s easier, less messy. the connections you make there are real. (it's real if you feel it is real after all.) it doesn’t always last. it’s not a substitute for looking a human being in the eye.

i once knew a boy and we ended it with tears.

this movie somehow reminds me of the times i screamed the words to my exes favorite song, laughing all the while in his car. it reminds me of the two days i spent watching nothing but Hart of Dixie on netflix because it just never went anywhere and i wanted it to go somewhere so bad. it reminds me of the loosening in my gut when we discovered we both loved the same music and it reminds me of the time i nervously contemplated giving back his sweater. the full spectrum of human relationships are both the good times and the bad, the promise of a lifetime and the chance it could be all over tomorrow. the full spectrum of human relationships are the times that you feel alone just as much as the times you feel connected.

loneliness is the common human denominator. we've all been alone.

i once knew a boy and we broke apart before we even came together.

joaquin phoenix keeps waiting to not care about her. i keep waiting to not care about him. the point is that you are always going to care. someday, it will hurt less but there will always be a little portion of your heart you tucked away for that particular person and it will be there long after that person is gone. look at the stars. breathe. we will all be the people we were meant to be.

(an os system fell in love with hundreds of us just because she could. we are all lovable. we all deserve love. it doesn’t always happen the way we want it to. we try again because we are human. we are human because we try again.)

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