Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★½

dear mom,

it's funny that i actually watched this movie with my dad last night and my only interaction with you about it was coming into your bedroom and telling you i thought it was cute and that you were much nicer than lady bird's mom and us both laughing.

i write you letters sometimes. a few of them you’ve seen (they make for nice gifts don't they?), a few you haven’t. i don't know if you're ever going to read this one. i know it hasn't always been easy. i know i haven't always been the daughter you wanted me to be. i know you were so worried last summer about me that you drove the car aimlessly just so you could have a safe space to feel sad. i know you wanted me to be more involved in high school. i know, right now, you wish i would spend less time on my phone. i know you are anxious about my future. i know you think about fourth grade a lot and what you could have done better.

i wish i could take back some of the things i've said to you over the years. you volunteering at my school was never embarrassing. you weren't too overprotective when you said i couldn't watch saw when i was eleven years old. i'm so sorry when i shut you out while you were trying to help. i'm sorry i called you overbearing. i'm sorry that i shouted at you because you cared so deeply then and you care so deeply now.

i don’t think we always realize the blessings we've been given when we have them. i took you for granted a lot of my life. i took the dinners, the hours you spent sewing one of my dresses, the doctors appointments you reminded me about, the karaoke in the car, the times you listened to me whine about my friends.... i took that all as expected. well, thank you mom. thank you for everything.

lady bird said her mom has the biggest heart and so do you. i am honored to have a place in it. i share it with many others but there's room to go around. i love you, mom. i don't say that often enough.

your daughter

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