many thanks to the online dictionary, who helped write part of this review

parasite [ par-uh-sahyt ] (noun): 1. an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species 2. one that lives off and flatters the rich 3. one that habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return (careful readers should note that 2 and 3 are not one and the same)

home [ hohm ] (noun): 1. a place where someone lives 2. a place of belonging or comfort 3. a place that binds 4. a place where our secrets live in the dark (careful readers should note that sometimes they come out)

crossing the line [ kraw-sing th ee lahyn ] (term of speech): 1. to bypass certain boundaries 2. to upset or annoy one who is in a place of power over you 3. the brief cough a lady makes in your backseat after the mildew in your clothes does not wash away 4. a man running with a knife, because he simply cannot take it anymore

family [ fam-uh-lee, fam-lee ] (noun): 1. a unit or group that sticks together 2. people bound by love or maybe something deeper 3. a thing which is cold and chilly and ornamental. (alternate definition) 4. the only thing you have left after everything else has been taken from you

to want [ too wawnt ] (verb): 1. the act of wanting 2. to have an emotion that others will try to deny you 3. to have an emotion you will try to deny to yourself

to stab [ too stab ] (verb): 1. the act of taking a sharp object, generally a knife, to take the life of a human being 2. the act of disposing of people who cared for you like trash under your shoe 3. the act of wounding each other, as you sink into the ocean under the weight of your want (see definition above)

ghost [ gohst ] (noun): 1. the spirit of a person 2. a soul 3. a haunting image 4. a trace 5. an unwanted presence (careful readers should note that these are all one and the same. be wary of what crawls up from the dark in the middle of the night.)

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