The Handmaiden

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This review may contain spoilers.

vague spoilers

i was not prepared for how angry this film would be.

it lures you into thinking it will be about one thing before hitting you in the face with another. two girls see each other and fall in love, thinking the other is the fool. they know they are playing with each other. they know they do not know each other or themselves. they fall in love anyway, because the world is cruel and you take what you can.

this is about love. but it is not about love. this is about burning the world with the one person who will stand next to you. this is about tearing a piece of yourself away from men who will use you and abuse you. this is about a sly smile that no one else will see because you are ahead and intend to remain ahead. the girls love scenes linger because they are there's at the end of the day. no one else's.

the men in this film are a constant specter. they seem omnipresent and invincible, able to do what they can with no reproach. they border on sickening. why are they able to get away with this? they can do whatever they like. no one will stop them. that is until suddenly they can't and there is catharsis and forever, these girls are free.

part one. a woman is exploited in horrible ways. part two. a woman is abused in horrible ways. part three. they both take back what is there's.

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