Scream ★★★★★

I had to watch this again after rewatching two of its sequels. It is such a relief knowing this masterpiece can’t be ruined by any amount of shitty continuation movies. 
Scream is such a clever and well written horror. It’s self aware but not to the point of annoyance and it is so intelligent in its use of being meta.
I specifically love its take horror nudity, specifically female nudity. It is such a gross and common trope for unnecessary female nudity in a horror film, and Scream knows this. It also makes fun of something like the original Halloween (which is still a classic) for its unnecessary use of nudity. 
If you don’t want to over analyze this film, you can still enjoy it as a fantastic who done it slasher with some great performances. Matthew Lillard is unbelievably insane and hilarious while also being genuinely creepy. He gives one of my favorite ever performances.

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