Twilight ★½

I bought the entire Twilight set on Blu-ray for $6, crazy deal. Figured it was worth it for the RiffTrax value alone.

But I wanted to give the movies a fair shake before Mike Nelson and crew tear them up. I’ve never actually sat down and watched them before. I mean the series made over $3 billion at the box office, surely there is something of value here?

In the case of the first movie, not much. Tough movie to get through, purely for fans and I guess the nostalgia factor at this point, these movies are over a decade old.

The scenery is lush and the themes are somewhat interesting, but Bella’s constant fidgeting/blinking/sighing and Edward’s creepy possessive nature make the love story downright uncomfortable. Does he ever smile in these flicks? Like, at all? Looong stretches of time go by where no one says anything. The special effects are goofy and the acting is very 'TV movie.'

That said, I highly recommend the Twilight RiffTrax. Absolutely hilarious.

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