Midsommar ★★★★★

I really watched this with my whole ass chest. 
Ari has once again managed to make me sick to my stomach in the best way possible. Hereditary ended up being one of my favorite movies of all time, This film affected me in a whole different way. I didn’t even watch the last 30 minutes of it because I was so fucked up. I ended up reading the synopsis for it and I finished the few scenes I missed. In summary, this is probably another favorite of all time. My heart broke for Dani and all the sadness she carried. I hated Christian the moment he got caught lying about going to Sweden. But Jack Reynor can HMU!!!!! Will Poulter really knows how to play mean characters who need they ass BEAT. But DO NOT get it twisted, that is my baby and y’all not gon talk shit. Josh didn’t deserve to die, he actually appreciated the culture. But I understand that the point of them going was to....... I’m about to cry oh my god. 

Enough rambling, I loved this and understood and felt every part of it. It made me very sad but in a beautiful way. It was easy to understand, and it all made sense. I’m done that’s all, I’m gonna go take a depression nap now.

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