Carol ★★★★½

Carol (2015)


I can honestly say that the main reason why this got a higher rating from me this time was because I watched it on a cinema. I could feel the cinematography this time, as well as I could notice so many more things than what I could sense the first time, for example:

- We are constantly reminded that we are watching a racconto, the film is told from the perspective of Therese while she's traveling in a cab to the party that we only see at the end of the film. Her face, translucent, can be seen in certain sequences, in pans and sweeps, as if to remind us that what we see is fleeting, it will all come down to that cold familiarity and that hand on the shoulder that was such a "nothing" touch, but it already felt insanely powerful.

- The scene with the lawyers now makes more sense to me, for some reason I misunderstood some of the reasons behind Carol's reasoning, and now it all makes it so much more powerful to me.

- The repetition of "Flung Out of Space". Oh. My. God.

- Hey, it's the girl from "Portlandia", right?