Aftersun ★★★★★

One of the best directorial debut films that I've seen within the past few years: one that beautifully captures a sense of childlike innocence but ends up recontextualizing those memories as a means of reckoning with an empty presence within how we understood the world. Suddenly, all of those joys don't feel like such anymore, and our only instinct is to recreate what we can through how we perceived of those around ourselves, especially those whom we were close with. It starts with something as simple as a videotaped recording of a childhood memory, but later that's where we find even our understanding of those around ourselves is limited, because they can only show us so much.

For Charlotte Wells, it's an incredibly thoughtful and personal project all around - and it shows on every frame. But where something like Aftersun works beautifully is best stated by how much the whole experience ultimately feels very lived in. By that point, it even feels like it could be just about anyone we know.

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